Sunday, 30 August 2009

V.A. - Ideal Guest House (1986 cassette)

Songs introduced by Ted Chippington
1. Big Flame - Man Of Few Syllables
2. The Wedding Present - You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (Version)
3. The Soup Dragons - Fair's Fair
4. The Creepers - Sharper And Wider
5. The Shop Assistants - Home Again (Live)
6. The June Brides - This Town (Acoustic)
7. Rob Grant with Yeah Yeah Noh - Mr Hammond Has Breakfast In Bed
8. Stump - Kitchen Table
9. The Legend - Everything's Coming Up Roses
10. Pigbros - Barren Land
11. Stitched Back Foot Airman - The Deadly Spore
12. BMX Bandits - Sad
13. Bogshed - Jobless Youngsters
14. Chumbawamba - Kinnochio


Albie Rocknroll said...
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Albie Rocknroll said...

Link's dead, but if you could re-up or post a fresh link, then I could have the full comp. again instead of just the lone Chumbawamba song that oddly floats around on a few torrents without the rest of the tape. If you can, thanks!